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Light the Sky

by Radio Radio

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Oh she’s really hard to find I guess it wasn’t meant to be I’m calling on a fantasy I guess it wasn’t meant to be ‘Cause love is really hard to find I’m calling on a fantasy I guess it wasn’t meant to be I guess it wasn’t meant for me It’s not that fantasy role-play Live action non-satisfaction Unless you’re out in the woods I need a miracle fantasy With this fiction addiction My avatar’s getting played I want points Get this princess saved I need a date Tonight, tonight Is the night, the night We’re gonna, gonna Get it on tonight In spite, in flight Gonna shed some light ‘Cause it’s dark outside But inside it’s bright You see, I see But we’re out of sight So clearly we’re it Connection is tight At one with the room Big bangs tonight Levitate, rotate Dissipate the light Chorus Know when I'm coming with the soft touch Kitty Cottonelle with no fuss No strings attached and need to rush Give you what you want but it ain't enough We ain't no comic strip But we marvelous Time to give you something That reminds you of Good times to bad times The ones where we shined Can't roll the clock back But tonight you’re mine I went to the store But I can’t take it no more My mom said, “Lower your standards” Forget the ten You need a four It’s not models I want Who says that models are hot Well, I hear they dress well Smell nice and talk good Chorus In this online world I tried it all Tinder, Grinder – nope Even Christian Mingle – nope Party lines with married moms Working out with Goldie Hawn Coffee shops and speed dates With hot older ladies But I can’t find me the one It’s just Misunderstood And plus-sized I could love it all It’s up in the air like bad hair But I don’t really care Nope, I don’t care Won’t stare Looking people up Like a phone book at the book fair True player Eatin donair debonair How he dare His hair is mohawked His V-neck is mohair I need some loving Something special tonight I need some loving Something special for life You know that we be coming When the sun be rolling out Lay it on thick When I slang with my mouth Like it when I lick it Know you like it When I piggyback Time lay low Kick back and chit-chat Chorus Tonight’s the night Tonight, tonight
I see you dancing Why are you dancing? Get off my dance floor Get off my dance floor Who the hell you think you is Got your nose into my biz This is my dance floor So tell me why I should let you in It's nothing personal No I ain't no asshole It's my time and my trip I'm the master of this spaceship So get on or get off It's on my own shit that I'm gettin’ off Catch my vibe and catch my flow Take a ride on my ego I'm riding high, homie It's ride and die, homie If you feeling something stumpin’ It's ‘cause I’ve got these buttons bumping Chorus Slow motion Strobe light all night Seizure and freaking out Get off my dance floor I’m solo diablo When I’m losing control So get on or get off My bubble’s bursting your bubble This is the new type of trouble My dance floor My dance floor, my domain Ain't no shame in having game This my territory Hooking up with Beth and Laurie This is the real thang The hit-and-switchin’ game Know my name And know my show Never see my ass on the radio Take a listen to just what I say You wanna go dance on the floor, okay Everyone is feeling fine Dance on the floor or ya dance in line Hold up It’s packed in here Too many ladies sipping beer Oh no, it’s shot time Give me my shoes this is my time I see the dance floor I’m so ready you can’t ignore I got my moves, I got my shoes I got my outfit This is my world like Dancing is living And living isn’t enough ‘Cause it’s my dance floor tonight Chorus
It’s kind of cold Sweater weather old New vintage original Blue pink reversible Ultra puff Jane Austin novelty Cold as ice can’t you see? Warming up the room with a smile-like hi! I know your name Ice queen on the scene Wanna take a ride on my bike for some ice cream? Sweater weather, man, ‘cause you’re making me sweat I say I wanna buy you dinner Not increase my debt But your parents they love me Thank God her parents they love me Yup I must admit I ain't your typical Walk in park Girl next door Easy stroll when I rock and roll Living freaky deaky daily shady Yet insightful episodes But it's all good Why? ‘Cause your parents they love me Your parents they love me ‘Cause your parents they love me Sweater weather cold So sweater weather old Parents they love me ‘Cause your parents they love me Your parents they love me ‘Cause your parents they love me Things aren't going that good, good, good Between me and you But it's all good like I knew it would ‘Cause good times is a déjà vu Can't wait to get to your mamma's house Home cookin’ fed into my mouth Ya winter is coming so’s climate change I’m gonna change for you Not really but recently Read a book on some therapy And you should read it too And pick up a thing or everything You high maintenance demi-god Could give a shit on my regard Ya, I take the trash out Clean the dishes Pass out “Make love” not my words But we could have sex Sweater weather fur coat Toque on, pompom I’ma put it on like the hook In the song Chorus I walk in with some flowers For that Sunday brunch Your momma got the hots for me Yup that's my hunch I be toastin’ eggnog And I be cuttin’ that turkey Holy shit, goddamn Babe, your dad’s gettin’ flirty Chorus
I'm dreaming I'm floatin’ I made it up And I'm open For everything Like makeup Yup, I take it up And then I soak it in Like romance With the faux fur When I wake up I ain't sober No I'm jacked up As I pop up And I'm a take it home Like a chauffeur The sky’s the limit But the limit is low You wanna go past the stars Don’t wanna go live on Mars I want an M-class planet with a spaceship Like a Romulan Ya, it’s my dream So I can be that type of alien I'm living in a spaceship And my spaceship is my body One thing I ain't doing Is driving straight and steady You used to see, but now you don't Used to do it, but now I won't Don't give a fuck if that what you want ‘Cause I’m blowing up a new front Yeah Fill in the blank I’m gonna go rob me a bank Get money illegal But i don’t want a desert eagle Make it click, click, jam Oh shit But on the other hand Dreaming deceiving it's like a fantasy fake Living a dream Riding on her bike with a short skirt – What? A short skirt – What? A short skirt Living a dream Jump in front When I step in the back Yes I’m coming for you When I come in effect ‘Cause I know what I want And I know I got All that I know Is they’ll kill you for that Wiggity wack Wiggity wack Got no time But I feed your pets Feed my mind Or I’m a feed you lead Teach me to fish or shoot instead Which is right? Which is wrong? How ’bout you and me Just get along Break some bread And the share zone Ain’t no such thing as being alone Catch and release Like letting go the beast like Life after death Like taking every breath For the minute nothing better You can make it if you wanna But the moral of the story Is to live it for the moment Like I wanna dream With tons of money Alcohol Secretary booty call I wanna
Give me the speed In my volume, baby Speed up the volume Speedin’ up the volume Yeah, why? ‘Cause ain’t loud enough Enough to get it on Enough, enough To get you off ‘Cause I’m wide-eyed Tie-dyed Yup, I like my colour’s soft Art Basel bagels Mounted in my Airbnb loft After the fact and afterthought Like that feeling my heart Gimme the guide Gimme the guide Follow your nose And feela the vibe All around is butter, baby All around is butter It’s butter, baby It’s butter, baby Chorus Come on mister music player Speed up the noise Don’t make it loud Make it real So we can run in the field Or it’s all in our heads But that’s fine, rewind When we could play all the time It’s the type of song To speed you up when you’re down Up! Hate the song, but love the sound All in all It’s on the ground Too underground? No! That’s too trendy fo’ sho’ It’s like a thousand ways to die But I could cry when I smile Smile, smile when I cry Chorus Whoa, slow motion I’m confused The commotion It’s like yin is yang And down is left And up is on a honeymoon This is for the girls Who cry when they’re happy And the guys Who deal with it Because they know When they’re happy Sappy happy Dandy dread Sights and sounds Up in my head Been bouncing Back and forth But that's no reason To get real upset Don’t know when I’m coming home Square house Geodesic dome Don't have it to have it My hammock is my type of throne I try so hard to get by I’m not depressed, I'm just high But back to basics Let’s face it I wish that everyone made it But it’s a pipe dream To help your self-esteem cope So just laugh, it’s a joke I wanna puff on a smoke And just… Puff, puff on the magic dragon You tough What’s soft is hidden Give it up to the women singing “Hallelujah” Yes, we’re winning! You’re me I’m you Outside inside Can’t hide What I confide Everything you need For speed Comes in an endless supply Chorus I want some more Just give me more Want some more Of that volume, baby Gimme some magic I want some magic Bring me the magic So we can have it
Busy 03:14
Man I’m so busy I got shit to do You wanna talk about what? I got shit to do I’m saying Busy wizzy busy wizzai I have no time for the present ‘Cause the future is now I heard it last night on the news So, guess what? It’s old news I heard it on Twitter Are people still using Twitter? My paper commonly used To start a fire in Bruges I’m, like, Man, this is already done So have some fun We can talk about what? I mean talk about what? Talk about million things Million things to talk about I want the specifics About who broke up Like Who, what, when and where And how? TMZ gonna feed me now Feed me news don't feed chow Paparazzi on the prowl I’m so busy I got shit to do You wanna talk about what I got shit to do I’m saying Busy wizzy busy wizzai I’m saying Busy wizzy busy wizzai TMZ I'm walking on the street TMZ This is what I had to eat TMZ This is with whom I sleep TMZ Who gives a flying ass What? I got time on my hands Oh yes, I’m watching my watch I multi-task Movie, TV, opera Plus, I got to eat Write a song Get a bong Tell my plants to get along This is all in a day I can’t be bothered this way I’m ADD I’m obsessive I need some downers Or uppers Or something stronger than news ‘Cause it’s been already used Busy wizzy busy wizzai I’m saying Busy wizzy busy wizzai Busy real bad Like walk talk fast Me and myself we be making laps Don't know where But I'm going real fast Breathe real slow As I rip this track Won't look back This ain't no front What is real? Was it a stunt? Either way it's what they want They picked your niche And chose your font I’m busy, busy I’m busy wizzai Photo, Photoshop And show off my big butt I’m losing it all At least it says in the stall That this rumour’s a tumour But I’ll be passing the humour So just laugh ‘Cause it’s already done I need to run I’ll be here when you need me But not really at all And I’ll be there when you need me But not really at all So just log on to my page I’m like a bird in a cage And just like Like it all And download A free-for-all
Hustle, hustle, hustle Happy is the hustlin’ way Hustle, hustle, hustle Happy hustler Gonna give it to y'all Pimpings what he's giving And his givings got give His comings is acomin’ In the way he got to live Knowin’ when he's gone Knowin’ when he's gone wrong Love what he give With it he's got to get along Handshake with a smile Maw-fucker real This ain't no fucking profile Feeling what he doing That why he do it, smile Do it all the time Do it all day Everyday and feeling fine Doing something right Universe giving me signs ‘Cause I'm poppin’ on track Yup, I’m poppin’ on that Poppin’ on giving Don't need to get it back Love, love what I'm doing And I'm doing what I love And the only thing I'm doing Is giving a bit of love Make a bit of noise With a silence from above Trying to keep my hands clean Shit fits me like a glove So I’m doing this Yup, keepin’ on And doing this Everyday is a hustle Hustle and the bustle This is what a hustler do To bring it, to bring it To bring it to you all Happy hustler gonna give it to youall Happy hustler, the life of a con man Growing up in rural The life of a French man Salut! Ça va? I wanna take it là-bas So over there like this Make the hits that miss the billboard Off the charts Plus, it says it in the fine print For best results take a listen once a day And if you feel better You can take it all day The best placebo Is boosting up my ego And if I got to smile, keep it for a while Not much, so much You got another one Take a break and keep it moving on express line I’m fine, I got a feeling all the time Happiness, I mean a penis And press like Even though you don’t like The accent’s so strong I knew it all along Calling it a stretch, call it Stretch Armstrong Chorus
I’ve got a lot to say But music’s getting in the way Man, every time you say it’s all about the music Lyrics are a secondary process to the music What makes a song good? Drum rolls or bass lines? Feeling like in space Cloud nine on my face Like Snare on a tempo So sentimental Stand up for the right To write a lyric, please So important but really unimportant Tell me what you got to do To even write a song like I don’t need another melody I don’t need another bass line All I need is some words you see So how about you bring me some poetry So then came the word Yup, everybody heard I'mma pump that shit out With my fine French slurr Brr, it's cold Got's get me my fur Gonna warm me up Next to my fire Words to the wise Trying to get me higher Put your name on a beat Turns out you a liar But it's all good It's you I desire Your PR game’s tight Like a pair of pliers One of a kind But the loops they’re repetitive This is why the story changes This is why the song’s good Thank you, producer man To try to make me feel good One of a kind But my lyrics they’re repetitive I need a feeling Like I need another keyboard Pieces to the puzzle Making noise like a seagull I get the feeling when your body starts to bobble-head Whoop, there it was Build it up and drop it down again Chorus Yup, I'm into that kick Uppercut in my gut I'm into that shit ‘Cause that shit lifts me up I love the melody The way it tickles my brain Even if above There's falling buckets of rain No pain Just frequencies of love In my veins No pain Just feelings Of us rising again It’s the name of the game Song and words All the same When you seperate the whole That's when it gets kinda lame Thank you for the hate mail in advance From the rap scene Beat makers hate this This is why we made this Listen to the story like a film It’s all about the song Both stories tell a side But I can’t decide What’s more important? The lyrics or the music Got to love them both Or you kind of hate most Of the industry, the music All about the song Can’t we all get along And make them go Merry go Chorus
It’s gonna be a firefight All night long All night All night long This is gonna be a firefight Light the sky another night Stay inside with a candlelight Light the sky another night It’s gonna be a firefight It’s gonna be a firefight It’s gonna be a firefight Light the sky another night A bit of noise Time to wake up to the lords Info nympho Time to let go No doors On the billboards Just Move forward As I ignore When I come up with the V-Line Want to look up at the sealine All I see is the cityscape escape Dissipate new shape As I give bait All the time As I feel fine Let it shine Light the sky Like Firefly Vocalize Wide-eyed Like a spy In a bullfight Shed light Make peace With my peace pipe Nomad with my iPad My bad All good as it should When it get good Get mine Get yours As I get it on All good it is my opinon Chorus Putting belief in the system of belief Belief is a hell of a drug Everybody who believes in something Must believe in the fact of belief This is why it’s believed I believe Don’t put trust in what you can’t believe But you can’t claim fact on what your mind perceives Fact-checker, but your facts are wrong Wrong illusion, wrong conclusion Take another look with a substitution Chic dandy, Amazing Randy Mind open, but prove it to me I got a feeling that I can’t be wrong Even though it’s based on an opinion Based on book from another book Take another look From another book Gas on the flame to fuel the fire Who cares who’s wrong? Got to spot the liar I said it, so prove me wrong Even though it’s only based on an opinion On an opinion Chorus
Remodel it all And back again Remodel it all And back again Remodel and model We’re going art nouveau It’s changing all the time Because it needs to go Mirrors on walls And portraits pimping a cause Feng shui in living rooms Or washrooms Not hot to trot Like reinventing the wheel This is just how I feel Like changing everything Remodel and model And back again Outdoor shower, indoor bath Heated floors, let me do math Bath carpet made of mink Can't put a price on my double sink Double sink, new countertop Once you start, you just can't stop Less is more, X marks the spot Yes, I know Scandinavian is hot Chorus I don't know where I'm going I'm just trying to figure it out Should I leave my cupboards woodgrain Or paint them white? Should I be using pastels or Be painting stuff bright? This project’s got me going crazy Can someone shed me some light? Light fixtures in my mind Home and garden in my thoughts Clip-on floors and butcher blocks Terracota flowerpots You need your backsplash kitchen tiles Or else kitchen is wack Checkerboard Parisien floors If you’re into using black Chorus I’m out with the old But I’m not in with the new I wanna change my bathroom ‘Cause I’m sick of the view I got a lamp on my patio Alone in the back I can’t decide if it’s purple Or a new shade of black Paint So many whites to choose from So many whites to choose from Gonna make my mind Everything gonna be fine All I gotta do is pick one Ain't no big deal Like the mahogany feel Melamine’s fake wood But that shit feels real Chorus Tear it down I’m rebulding a wall With fresh paint Tear it down We could redo it all With fresh paint Refurbish, refinish And flip it All for a profit ‘Cause it’s the way of the now I can’t remember the how I wanna different life But not a different life It’s just new Something better than old Unless it’s nice Victorian Gothic Like Gotham City is boring But we can save it with paint It’s like the shrine of a saint That’s just wrong Mike Holmes !
I don’t give a damn if everybody know ‘Cause I’m a hoe This is why we try to get some mo’ ‘Cause I’m a hoe I really don’t mind if everybody know ‘Cause I’m a hoe Know what I do and I do what I’m told ‘Cause I’m a hoe If you ask me for some service for some money You can ask my manager And for sure he’ll take your money Not a pimp but if you think about it Same deal different product Please give me the money Selling out or buying in ‘Cause i’m a hoe Busy bodies do Pilates Keepin’ busy, always ready Working hard Straight and steady Be efficient But never lazy Punch it in Punch it out I ain't here to bitch it out Work it in Work it out I'm just here to prance about Chorus I’ll sell you product with a smile to boot And all I ask in return is part of the loot Living for the moment but the moment ain’t free I’ll probably do it for a couple grand And I mean three ‘Cause I’m a hoe Comin’ I'm comin’ Coming home Do my thang like doing this song Hoping you might just sing along Bring your crew or come alone Best you know who you working for In the shop or door-to-door Behind the desk or mopping floors Who's the man and the whore Working to work it Working hard Dressing up in leotards For the kids, so laugh it out Put some words into my mouth How 'bout you tell me what's it about I ain't here to scream and shout Uncle Sam gonna figure it out Until then let's jam it out Chorus Honestly we’re honest enough to tell the truth Like stay away from politics But vote for me I wanna buy my kids some toys But that shit ain’t free And all I ask in return Maybe, c’est la vie Let's be real Make a deal Nine to five and feeling fine Say ho ho ho ho You take yours I take mine Everybody feeling fine Say ho ho Ho ho You got mine And I got time Yes, I know what's on your mind I say ho ho Ho ho Ho’afied Ho’afied Everybody ho’afied Say ho ho
Everybody’s on the party tonight I’m all alone and I feel all right I got my strobe light and mini-bar Disco ball, I’m satisfied I’m doing my thing Just doing my thing It’s my solo dance party My solo dance party It’s my type of party It’s my solo dance party Pop some Champagne With a glass for one Actually no Champagne Popcorn is on I got so many DVDs And some songs on MP3 Like it’s my private party I got some photos on random Streaming on TV I’m happy This is the best type of party I can connect with World Wide Web Or I can chat with a girl Named Ted It’s so obscure Pedicure or manicure ‘Cause my dog died But it’s okay I kind of like it this way I got some wine from a box I’m trying to sort out my socks My candlelight Microwave Film with Nicolas Cage This is my party, party, solo party Party, party tonight Chorus I'm doing my thang Oh yes, I’m doing my thang I got a dance-mix tape collection In my Duo-Tang I'm gettin’ crazy Shit gets crazy tonight I got some lazers in the basement As I turn off the lights So I'm having A ménage à trois With me, myself and I Got the dance floor to myself And it's cheaper to get high I don't mind grinding But I rather go all out I'm gonna shake my booty big time I'm gonna shake it all about Chorus Singing in the shower And I'm singing in the car Don't give a fuck who's looking When I'm dancing in the bar That's how I roll Solo dolo If you bring someone over Don’t bother me a bit Just let me do my own number ‘Cause I’m a loco Hip control Eyes closed And indisposed Fingers towards the sky As I pump up and flow It's my solo dance party and that's what I'm about If you don't like what I'm doing How 'bout you get the fuck out Chorus It’s my solo dance party My solo dance party Got the dance floor to myself It’s my solo dance party Everybody’s on the party tonight I’m all alone and I feel all right


released February 19, 2016


all rights reserved



Radio Radio Montréal, Québec

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